Karl Ericksen works around, within, & between the realms of design, technology, DIY, tooling, ecosystems, and education.

Design Technologist @ MICA

SLC, UT → Baltimore, MD

A graphic illustration of a chair.

Project Kvas

diy | product | ux | open-source

An amalgamation of my interests in construction, modular design, sustainability, accessibility, community, and inspiration. The idea solidified around the foundations of tactical urbanism, space evolution, and freedom through built furniture. The project resulted with a brainstorm card deck and instructions to build & modify a "Chable" through simple tools, materials, and methods.

Elephant playing with a built toy with a metal cone.

Elephant Toy

ux | product | play

Tasked to design, manufacture, and assemble a toy for the elephants at the National Zoo in an effort to bring two groups of elephants together. We designed the toy to be sensorially stimulating and entertaining. We found that sound and touch are large physical motivators, but the most exciting part is developing the toy to break expectations through movement. The toy was then designed to stay up-right until the elephants gave it a big shove. They were always excited when they tilted it back up-right with their large feet to continue their play.

The letter V surrounded by a warping ring.

26 Letters | Blender3D

3D | typography | play

Prior to this project, I had little experience with Blender 3D and only some manufacturing 3D experience. This project was started as an answer to the annual 36 Days of Type challenge (though mine took a significant amount more time), to learn more about the 3D design, a new tool, and a medium to appreciate the process through play.

Different virtual informational cards that are connected to each other through a map.

Mind Log

ux | ui | mapping

This experiment was born after various attempts to organize writings and not finding a tool that can organize them in a visual framework. A framework similar to a spider map as it provides hierarchy and nesting through a visual format. The important aspect is the ability to everything from mini-articles to external links.

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Freelance multifaceted designer. Based in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. Available for remote-friendly work.

Currently with leading design educators and students as MICA's Design Technologist.