26 Letters|
Blender Experiments

3D | Typography | play
The letter V surrounded by a warping ring.
Exploring the facets of Blender as a tool and as a community through observation, utility, collaboration, and learning.
Prior to this project, I had little experience with Blender 3D and only some manufacturing 3D experience. This project was started as an answer to the annual 36 Days of Type challenge (though mine took a significant amount more time), to learn more about the 3D design, a new tool, and a medium to appreciate the process through play.
For those who have participated in 36 Days of Type will know: it can be intensive, exhausting, and will occasionally require more attention than expected. Like the previous year, the theme set for myself was about the tools used, less than the letterforms themselves. As mentioned before, this was a start to learn Blender3D and the many different results the program can create. Many things were learned and I wanted to share the knowledge so a blog post has been created to share what had been learned. Writing ↗ has begun to show the process, learnings, challenges, and inspirations per letter.
For the quick counters, you may notice that there are actually 26 letters completed. A part of this experiment will include a perspective and reflection of returning to a project and evolving tool after some period of time. This will be added to the writing.
This took much longer than I had really anticipated, long enough that I had to skip the last ten numbers. I learned a tremendous amount through all my failures and frustrations during this project. This project was such a joy despite the bumps and I can't wait to share my knowledge and learnings with the world.