Mind Log

ux | ui | mapping
An experiment to map out various related content from: Wikis, Research, and Journaling.
This experiment was born after various attempts to organize writings and not finding a tool that can organize them in a visual framework. A framework similar to a spider map as it provides hierarchy and nesting through a visual format. The important aspect is the ability to everything from mini-articles to external links.
Explore how various forms of media can be organized and interacted with.
Looking at and using many different mind-logging tools like Obsidian, Notion, Ultra, Figma, Are.na, and Miro to see how they utilize media and how each node can be interacted with. An observation I had, is in many of these tools show the media in either limited media & free flowing nodes (Miro) or extensible rigid blocks (Notion). This mind-log experiment is an exploration of the marriage between these extremes. How can a node allow media from simple text to complete wiki articles of hierarchic text, images, and other media?